Veterans' Helpline (Veterans In Crisis Line)

Volunteer Veterans Operate Our Help Lines

Support the free services provided to veterans of HM Armed Forces by joining the Veterans’ Benefit lottery from just £1 per week.

Veterans In Crisis Line

The help line is open between 10am and Midnight, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year and is run entirely by volunteers, just like the whole of the Veterans Project UK. We have over 50 volunteers from the veterans community and even several serving Armed Forces personnel giving up their time to help others. That’s inspiring.


Many of the volunteers are trained and qualified counsellors with vast experience


We are here to lend an ear to hear your troubles, we are non judgmental


Our Listeners can signpost and refer to other services both within our organisation & externally.


Volunteering to be a Listener, or any other position: Contact Us

Get in touch with us on 0300 365 0333

Alternatively, you can complete the form below and one of the volunteer team will be in touch.